The Morvan


The Morvan region is a beautiful hilly area in the Bourgogne regionThe Morvan region is a beautiful hilly area in the Bourgogne region, which is the most northern extension of the Central Massif. The largest part of the Morvan, Bellevault included, belongs to the Nièvre department. The area is sparsely populated (15 inhabitants per km).
In 1850, there were 4 times more inhabitants than nowadays. The forests provided ample employment possibilities. Fire wood was transported from the forests to Paris by the rivers Yonne and Cure. The Canal du Nivernais was constructed to provide a quicker way of transportation for the fire wood. As soon as the canal was finished, the employment possibilities became less and this process continued thereafter.
The capital of the Nièvre department is Nevers, a lively city with 40.000 inhabitants, various pleasant shops and fine restaurants. From Sur Yonne, the nearest city is Corbigny. This small town (1800 inhabitants) is the capital of the ‘canton’, and has a regional function for the area. As a result of this function, there is a surprisingly large amount of shops. Every second Tuesday of the month, a large market is organised. A small market is held every Friday in the main shopping street. Music festivals are organised in the abbey of Corbigny in August. In July, there is a theater festival and in June a ‘salon de peinture’ (market for paintings).

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Our terrain

Hotel camping Sur Yonne is situated at the banks of the river Yonne. This fast-flowing river originates in the Morvan river and finally joins the Seine.
Our terrain measures 2.5 hectares, and includes 360 m of river banks. It is located at the west side of the Morvan, in the hamlet Bellevault (6 houses) in the community of Epiry. Sur Yonne is located in the lower part, the Bas-Morvan, at a 220 m height. This location ensures a much better climate than the more elevated Haut-Morvan. The climate is characterised by a moderate winter, exuberant spring, and a warm summer with often pleasantly cool nights.
Bellevault was named after the man that built a watermill at our terrain in 1752. Unfortunately, the mill burned down in 1867, leaving only a few remainders of the brick walls. The old house originates from 1795. With the insurance money of the watermill, the other parts of the property were built, resulting in a farm. In the old days, the 2 buildings lodged 5 families as well as a cafe.
In 1996, a Dutch couple bought the property and turned it into hotel camping Sur Yonne. In February 2009 we became the proud owners of Sur Yonne.


Hiking in the Morvan region is guaranteed fun for young and old, whether you are an experienced hiker who likes to cover large distances, or a relaxed hiker who prefers to take some time to discover the forests. Multiple hiking routes will uncover the secrets of this beautiful area.
Several hiking routes start directly at Sur Yonne and will lead you through the nice slide landscape with forests and pastures, often along the water side. The hiking routes over the Montreuillon aqueduct and along the Canal du Nivernais are highly recommended.
At a short traveling distance, hiking tours are available that are often a little more demanding and will lead you through the Haut-Morvan.

In our library, we have a collection of route descriptions and maps of 1-7 hours hiking tours that can be loaned by our guests.

Bicycle tours

Relaxed bikerWhatever your wishes are for a bicycle tour, the Morvan region has it all. From the relaxed and flat biking trail along the Canal du Nivernais to the steeper slopes that can be found in the Parc du Morvan.
We recommend a bicycle with multiple gears, which will guarantee enjoyable traveling from village to village. We rent bicycles equipped with 21 gears and bicycle cases. A collection of bicycle routes is available in our library. Bicycle route descriptions and maps can be loaned by our guests.

Motorcycle tours

The Morvan is ideal for motorcycle toursThe splendid, hilly and forest-covered area of the Morvan is ideal for motorcycle tours. The many curvy roads will lead you to the most beautiful spots with magnificent panoramic views. A visit to the Magny-Cours circuit, located at a 65 km distance from Sur Yonne, can be an enjoyable day trip.


Wines of the Bourgogne

Thinking of France, wine comes to mind. The Bourgogne district is one of the largest wine-producing areas of France. Bourgogne is divided in 5 sub districts: Chablis, Côte d’Or, Chalonnais, Mâconnais, and Beaujolais (from north to south). Côte d’Or is the most renowned subdistrict, with its capital Beaune and the city of Nuits-Saint-Georges as the second major wine-producing centre. Most white wines are made from the Chardonnay and Aligoté grapes. The Pinot noir and Gamay grapes are used to manufacture red wines, especially the Beaujolais. You will pass the Chablis subdistrict when traveling to Sur Yonne.

Wine expeditions can be planned by foot or by car. The local tourist information centres in Auxerre and Beaune offer special wine hiking tours, also known as ‘randonnées de vignoble’. Be surprised by the splendid panoramic views over the vineyards of the Bourgogne!

Closer to Sur Yonne, the village of Tannay can be visited for its vineyards and wines. Tannay wines are usually white wines, made from melon and chardonnay grapes. This respectable brew is certainly worth a trip! A visit to ‘les coteaux de Tannay’, the cooperation of wine-makers of the Tannay area, is recommended. Here, the 16th century wine vaults can be visited and wine-tasting and buying are also possible. You will receive all the attention and information that is required to make your choice of lovely wines to bring home.