General conditions

General conditions for Hotel, camping, B&B Sur Yonne

Arrival and departure
The camping bungalows, red cedar caravan and adventurer’s tent can be rented in the high season from Saturday to Saturday.
In general, arrival at Sur Yonne will be after 16.00 p.m. and departures before 10.00 a.m.

Sur Yonne does not accept the responsibility for the loss of personal properties or damage for example to luggage or vehicles. The use of the playground’s facilities or rental bicycles occur at the visitor’s own risk.

Annulment regulation
In case of annulment not later than 8 weeks before the planned stay, you will receive a full refund of the sum paid in advance except € 20,00 administration fee. You will receive a 50% refund when concealment occurs within 8 to 3 weeks in advance. In case of a premature departure, no refund can be made. We recommend our guests to arrange a cancellation insurance.

After reservation, you will receive a confirmation of booking. The advance payment required for the camp site, hotel, chalets, camping bungalows, red cedar caravans, and adventurer’s tent amounts to 50% of the total sum. The reservation is definitive from the moment the advance payment is received, upon which your reservation will be confirmed. The remaining sum will be paid at arrival. Please note that there is no tenon automate at Sur Yonne.
In case the payment obligation is not fulfilled, we have the right to cancel your reservation.

Final cleaning
The final cleaning of the camping bungalows, red cedar caravans, and the adventurer’s tent is mandatory. 

Dogs are welcome at the camp site, the camping bungalows, and the red cedar caravan, as long as they are kept on a leash and do not cause a nuisance. The dogs must be kept out of the bedrooms. Dog droppings at the site should be removed by the owner, who must also take precautions to protect his pet against flees and ticks.
Dogs are not allowed in the hotel, chalets, restaurant, or library.

Smoking policy
Smoking is not allowed in the hotel, chalets, camping bungalows, red cedar caravan, adventurer’s tent, restaurant, or library.

At departure
We expect the accommodation in a good state at departure of our guests. In case of damage to our property, we urge you to inform us as soon as possible, to allow us to make arrangements for a quick repair and to settle the costs if necessary.