Villages and small towns

  • Auxerre is localised at an 80 kilometers distance from Sur Yonne. A pleasant stay is guaranteed in the modest capital of the Yonne department: fine restaurants, interesting musea, an old city centre with a formidable belfry, magnificent half-timbered houses, and a soccer club that belongs to France’s best since 30 years.
  • The village of Baune is situated approximately 100 km from Sur Yonne and can be the destination of a day excursion. The beautiful wine cellars and the Hôtel-Dieu are definitely worth a visit.
  • Residing on Mount Beuvray, 821 meters above sea level, is the small town of Bibracte that used to be the capital of one of the most powerful Gallic tribes (the Aedui) in the 2nd and 1st century B.C. Many historical Gallo-Romanesque remains are still present here. The archaeological centre and the Museum of Gaelic Civilisation can be paid a visit. The National Park Bibracte, nowadays covered with 1000 hectares of splendid, preserved forest, is ideal for hiking.
  • Chateau-Chinon is the birthplace of Francois Mitterand. The Septennat Museum exhibits gifts that president Mitterand has received over the years. The Museum of Costumes displays the regional attire from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Clamecy was built on a rocky protuberance at the site where the Yonne and Beuvron rivers are joined. The rich history of the local raftsmen and anecdotes on some of its illustrious inhabitants contribute to the interesting character of the town. If you happen to visit Clamecy on July 14th, the ‘joutes nautiques’ (nautical games), a relic of the raftsmen’s craft may not be missed. A true festive day.
  • The pilgrimage town of Vezelay is localised at a 20 km distance of Sur Yonne. The town was built on a hill and is characterised by its ancient basilica Sainte Magdalène that rises high above the town.

In our library, a collection of informative brochures on the surroundings and possible activities can be found.

For children

Our site is fantastic for children, with the Yonne being an endless source of fun. The river is usually benign and calm and well-suited for playful activities, but changes in a fast flowing stream in July, when a larger amount of water is allowed to pass from the Lac de Pannecière reservoir.
At our campfire site, we will regularly light a fire for and together with the children.
At a 10 minutes walking distance there are facilities for booking outdoor activities such as donkey riding and kayaking itineraries.
Lac des Settons is a great excursion for families with children. There is an excellent opportunity for swimming in the lake, due to the presence of two guarded beaches and the gentle slope of the lake’s bottom. One can explore the lake with a rented pedalo with chute or by planning a boat trip.


  • Autun: every Wednesday and Friday in the morning (pleasant, partly covered market)
  • Chateau-Chinon: every Saturday morning (small market, but with excellent vegetables and fruits). A larger market takes place every 2nd Monday of the month.
  • Corbigny: a weekly market on Friday morning. A larger market on every 2nd Tuesday of the month.
  • Nevers: summer markets at Parc Roger-Salengo, every two weeks on Wednesdays in July and August.


Nevers, every two weeks summer market

The Morvan and Bourgogne regions have a rich history characterised by knights and castles. The Bazoche castle, the former residence of the commanding officer Vauban, is a unique example that is worth seeing. It is said that Vauban invented the design of the fortress, amongst others.
The 12th century arched vaults of the Meursault castle can be visited during a 2 km underground walking tour.
Other castles are: Château de Chevenon (near Imphy), Château de Villemenant (Guérigny), Château de Châtillon, Château du Mousseau (near Luzy), Château de la Motte-Josserand (near Donzy), Château des Granges (Suilly-la-Tour), Château de Giry (near Prémery), Château de Lantilly (Corbigny), Château de Villemolin (in the surroundings of Corbigny), Château de Besne (Saint-Péreuse), Château de la Montagne (St. Honoré-les-Bains), Château de Menou (near Varzy), and many others. The local tourist information centres can inform you on the opening hours.

Magny Cours

Would you like to drive at Magny-Cours yourself? There is a possibility to rent one of the 20 karts (200 cm3) for €13 per 10 minutes. Diverse souvenirs, such as tires, helmets, watches, and vanes can be bought at the store. The perfect day trip for small and large boys aged 10 years and older (minimum length 1.50 m).